School Entrepreneurship Programme

We have developed an extra-curricular School Entrepreneurship Programme

which has been implemented for five years.

In 2015 we had more than 300 learners participate in our School Entrepreneurship Programme

2015 was also our most successful year in terms of the Business Practical component of the programme with two of the 300+ learners, one in Gr8 and the other in Gr10, each generating revenue of just over R15000.00

Sponsored programmes can be tailored to suit the needs of the beneficiaries or requests of the sponsor and can incorporate industry specific content and skills development elements

Animated Messaging

We have developed an animated character named Macky. He is a high school learner who has taken the initiative and is embarking on his entrepreneurial journey.

He has an interesting story which can be read HERE

Our animated platform is relevant and is in line with the way education is moving internationally

Customised, industry specific animated characters can be developed for your organisation. These characters can be used to communicate industry specific content related to entrepreneurship, skills development and career opportunities

The platform is mobile friendly, can be viewed across all operating systems and can be used for brand education and activations, career guidance, educational initiatives eg: financial literacy and savings campaigns

 This is the ideal channel through which you can speak to high school learners – this is a medium they relate to and engage with on a daily basis


Kreeate Mobile Game

We will be building an edutaining mobile game that can be downloaded and used across all major platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. 

Primary Objective:

“Become the most successful business owner in one or more of the industries available to the player”

• We want to produce an edutaining mobile game for our target audience

• Gaming provides for a fun learning experience

• Progress through the game by completing various tasks and stages

• All tasks are educational learning experiences

• Simulated model allows for “real world” business experiences

• Full game technical specification has been developed

• Start a business from scratch and play towards industry and game leadership status

• Earn virtual currency to trade in simulated business environment

• Live leaderboards allow players to track progress (6 month competition cycles)

• Educational content based on real world business tasks and compliance matters

• Learn as you play with infographics, video, podcasts, links

• Chat rooms allow networking with other players

• Message boards and information pop-ups

• Ability to play offline in between online syncing sessions (data-friendly)

• Responsive to all major operating systems on all major devices

Game Screen Concepts


In order for us to promote the broader Kreeate initiative, we believe we need to launch activations. Activations allow for one on one engagement with the target audience and adds to the hype of a campaign. 

The Kreeate provincial activations will serve three main purposes:

1.    Creating awareness around the bigger Kreeate initiative and its other platforms

2.    Providing a “starter pack” to all delegates on how to set up an entrepreneurship society at their respective school

3.    Advocating the fact that being an entrepreneur can be a viable and sustainable career option

Entrepreneurship Society Starter Guide:

This pack will be supplied to all delegates attending. It will provide them with guidelines on how to set up and manage an entrepreneurship society at their school. These societies will in turn serve as a touch point at the school for us and our brand partner to engage with the school going forward.



TV / DVD Series

•       We want to produce a 13 part DVD series on entrepreneurship

•       Content will be relevant

•       Content will be based upon real life learnings of various stakeholders

•       Stakeholders include:

•        Show host

•        Established entrepreneurs

•        Industry experts and academics

•        Aspiring entrepreneurs (high school learners and tertiary students)

•        Each show will be dedicated to a different aspect of entrepreneurship and business

•       Show will be placed on DVD and distributed to all high schools

•       DVD can be shown during Life Orientation, EMS and other Business Studies subject classes

•       Full show format already developed